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The Revelation of the Genius Hazrat
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Established through the merits of living beings and the Tibetan people emanation of Arya Manjushri revealed Trisong Detsen, Bodhisattva and Dharmaraja. With a request to build a temple called Samye, the spontaneous execution of endless desires, and with intent to distribute and explain the Dharma in Tibet, he invited Lopon-bodhisattva, and took a vow of bodhicitta. In order to show the maturation and release of the awakened mind, he invited Padmasambhava, a great teacher of Uddiyana. In order to show that it is necessary to disseminate and promote referred to its prosperity, he invited Pandit Vimalamitra. In order to show the highest integrity and a cultivator teachings of enlightenment of the body, speech and mind, he built the Samye Illustrious and conducted rituals of consecration and empowerment. So he spread the Dharma of the Buddha here, Tibet, and thanks to him the teaching and practice of Sutra and Tantra shone like the rising sun.

Due to the strength of his intentions and compassion in Tibet came great vidyadhara, known as Padmasambhava, an emanation of the three kaya. Throughout his stay in Tibet, Padmasambhava bestowed upon the great king and his other chief disciples, and all the happy people countless deep and extensive guidance. From the set of instructions which he gave me kind of Tsogyal Karchev, I wrote here a concise summary of all the teachings of the conventional sense, calling for spiritual practice.


Tsogyal, you need to practice teaching, which gives liberation from samsara! If you do not, it will be extremely difficult to regain the same body, endowed with freedom and dignity.

Is it difficult to find such a human body? Find it as hard as a pea, cast by a wall of the church, to stick to it, as hard as a turtle stick your head in the yoke, floating in the ocean, as hard as a mustard seed to throw through the eye of the needle facing.

The reason for this difficulty - that the six classes of beings are like a pile of grain.

Of hell, hungry ghosts and animals - is the lower half of the pile. Asura - the top half, and the gods and men - at the very top. If we compare the number of people and creatures of other forms, seem to find that the human body simply can not. Just try, Tsogyal, counted, there are six of the worlds!

Tsogyal, if, despite such difficulties, due to past accomplishments can not find the human body, it is very difficult to practice the holy Dharma, if you do not possess sophisticated sensory organs, if you are deaf, blind, or him. If you will be born into a family with false nihilistic views, then do not come to the teachings of the Buddha.

Now we were born in a civilized country, where there is the Buddha Dharma. We have found something that is difficult to achieve - precious human body - and because our senses yet unhurt, can meet the lofty teachers can enter into the Buddha's teaching, practice the holy Dharma and communicate with the brothers in the Sangha. If at this time we do not practice the teachings supporting the liberation and enlightenment, this precious human body wasted.

Do not come back empty-handed, having been on the island of treasures! Need to cross the ocean, while there is a ship - do not miss the boat, the human body! We are on the borderline between happiness and suffering - do not create trouble with his own hands! It is time that separated the roads leading up and down - do not drop into the abyss of the lower worlds!

It's time to show the difference between wisdom and folly - not lopochi and not the eye, as weak-minded! It is time to increase the merits - not bound by things and go light! It's time to see who is great and who is worthless - do not look for enlightenment in the profit and glory!

I always feel sorry for creatures who leave this life empty-handed!

Tsogyal, I talked about it all, but nobody listens. Once the Mara of Death will seize you, will not be able to escape.

How can we be satisfied with life when death comes to all suddenly and unexpectedly? How can you be happy with their offspring and wealth, when none of this will help on the verge of death? How can you be so cocky when you are escorted only good and bad things?

We now have the opportunity to choose what you want, but people claim that they can not practice the Dharma. Always ready to grub for food and clothing, they claim that they have no time for spiritual practice. Tireless in sansarnoy vanity, they complain that they can not bear the slightest difficulty in regard to the Dharma. They are able to continuously endure suffering, but say they may spend at least the summer or winter in the blissful state of spiritual practice.

Tsogyal, it is extremely important exercise in spiritual practice, while still young. When you grow old and want to listen to teachings, your ears will not hear. Want to learn, but the attention has subsided, and memory fails.

People in their youth do not show any interest in the practice of Dharma - just stupid!

Tsogyal, if we do not attain liberation, only deeper into the misery of life where no matter what happens your next rebirth. Unless you live in ritodah, then, wherever he is your house, you dwell in the prison of samsara.

Tsogyal, nothing else will help you in the face of death, so shall do so: find a teacher who embodies the teachings of Mahayana receive oral instructions that include understanding the true nature of mind. Find a safe place to retreat, which has everything you need, and stay there. Practice with inexhaustible perseverance.

If you do not get rid of distractions, it will be difficult to achieve something by means of spiritual practice!

Tsogyal, have not you heard that all your ancestors died? The main root of good qualities - with all my heart to accept impermanence, so never forget the death threats! The main root of evil acts - the belief that all is eternal, so tear it out!

If the thought of impermanence truly joined the stream of your life, all the good qualities of the path of liberation pile up a mountain. Therefore, nucleation inner conviction of the futility of all worldly affairs! Drop the senseless vanity of this world!

Firmly embarked on the path of liberation! Do not cling to the material! Understand all that distracting, there is Mara! Understand that the desired objects of the senses - just hype! Always felt that we must not tarry!

If you do this, idam bestows siddhi dakini send blessings Buddha will give you confidence and quickly attain enlightenment - all this is because the perceived inconsistency with all my heart.

Tsogyal generally Samsara has no beginning and no end, but you must survive as a people and its beginning and its end! May your strength, power and ability are great - they can not beat Mara of Death.

Now to secure the welfare of future lives: it is impossible to experience the suffering of the hells! Hunger and thirst of hungry ghosts unbearable. The hardships of the animals are terrible. Difference in the lives of people most are terrible. The constant struggle of Asuras unbearable. The fall of the gods awful. All creatures revolve in the vicious circle and can not escape from the waves of birth and death.

Nothing has meaning, if not get out of the depths of the six classes of beings, and this should develop a non-dual awareness of power!

Tsogyal, if you want to free themselves from being sansarnogo, act as follows:

Your affection and rejection - is misleading, erroneous thinking. Compartments it! Belief in the "I" - the root and basis of samsara. Pluck it out! Satellites and relatives - the chains that drag you down. Cutting their ties! The idea of ​​demons and enemies - torture for the mind. Drop it!

Indifference and suppresses the life force of liberation. Leave him alone! Envy - a storm that destroys everything good. Removable own mistakes! Native Land - a dungeon of demons. Avoid it like poison!

Harsh words - the poisoned weapon. Restrain your tongue! Ignorance - the darkest of afflictions. Light the lamp of study and reflection! All you perceived - is an illusion. Let it be released by itself!

In doing so, you turn around from being sansarnogo!

Tsogyal, if you see flaws in samsara, no need to seek any other teacher. If you comprehend that all existing and manifesting itself - your own mind, there is no other path to enlightenment.

If you possess a firm belief in his teacher, do not look for any other Buddha. If you are pleased beings, do not worship any other the Three Jewels. If you comprehend it, no more dual division between samsara and nirvana.

Tsogyal to break out of sansarnogo being, one must have faith in the path of liberation.

Faith is born not of itself, but due to causes and conditions. Faith is born of deep reading of the sutras and tantras. Faith is born when you are surrounded by believers. Faith is born, when you follow a teacher and mentor. Faith is born, when are going through grief.

Faith is born, when you see the sublime conduct. Faith is born, when you listen to life stories of teachers. Faith is born, when you hear the vajra song implementation.

Faith is born, when you see the suffering of other beings. Faith is born when when thinking about the flaws sansarnogo being.

Faith is born, when you read similar sacred teachings. Faith is born, when you get the blessing from his teacher.

My advice is to never move away from the causes of belief.

Tsogyal on the path to enlightenment have faith - then realize half of Dharma practice.

Faith is like a fertile field: it will grow any instruction. Faith is like an impregnable fortress: it opposes and your flare, flare and others.

Faith is like a bridge or a boat: it allows you to cross the ocean of samsara. Faith is like a rope hanging down into the abyss: it helps to get out of the lower realms.

Faith is like a bodyguard: she saves from the perfidy of four in March. Faith is like the moon rising: it contributes to greater growth in all virtues.

Faith is like an inexhaustible treasure: it provides all the requirements and needs. Faith is like a gleaming key: it shows the original wakefulness.

If the depth of your heart dawning faith - all the good qualities will be a huge mountain!

Tsogyal, if sincerely practicing the Dharma, and food, and clothing will appear on their own.

How can quench their thirst with salt water, as an insatiable desire - whether it is satisfied with what you have! Honor and glory - Mary trap, throw it away as they, like rocks on the river bank!

Of this life we ​​have to go without friends and alone, so Get a bodyguard - fearless! Do not be jealous of other advantages, and she pereymi their dignity! Do not discuss other people's mistakes, and eliminated their own as thoroughly as the hairs on my face! Do not worry about their own well-being - worry about the happiness of others and be kind to everyone.

Tsogyal, if people care about themselves, let them hear my instructions!

In the dark age of rampant hatred, so arm yourself with the armor of patience! Because of his laziness you again fall into sansarnoe being, so to engender a relentless zeal! In samsara you suffer ignorance, so let's light a lamp of knowledge!

In this swampy bog there is no happiness, so get out on the land release! Correctly discover the profound teachings and tear of being online!

Eat simple food, wandering at random, as the Indian River zmeyatsya, and search for treasure in the land - the treasures of the holy men of the mind! Perfect beings do not find, so do not focus on the shortcomings of its teachers and Dharma friends!

The reality of this life is superficial - so do not wallow in hope and fear, but you learn to take everything as an illusion!

If you dread the state of samsara, which is like a palace afire, then we must heed the teachings of Padma!

Tsogyal, if you want to maintain consistency in practice, the right sections of affection!

When you see a menacing army of super-powers, surround yourself an iron wall - their vision as an illusion! When angry because of unfriendly words, look for the source of this echo!

If you want grasp the essence of the unborn mind, cut the attachment to the experience during meditation. If you want to perform the noble intention of Buddha Dharma, cutting the ties that bind you to the current experiences!

If you want to connect the heart of the Dharma, do not allow to freeze and fossilize practice! If you want to carry out their task in this life, do not consider the stage of the fetus just a good intention!

Tsogyal seems to be no single person who has practiced would be right!

Tsogyal to bring the benefit of future generations, provide guidance tailored to their abilities, explanations, appropriate to their level of understanding, let's practice, available to their level of zeal!

Understand this and taking into account the fact that in strongly believe in myself. Otherwise intelligent people receiving instruction in that he is not interested to remain unsatisfied, and this will reduce their faith and serve the cause of evil acts - depriving a person of faith.

If a person with less mental capacity will explain the higher direct sense, he does not understand it, and if they understand what can be frightened and begin to decry these teachings. Others embrace the words that do not understand, and will do more harm than good.

If you learn that there is no need to study and meditation - this will reduce the already low level of knowledge and increase the already existing ignorance. If you learn that the Dharma includes the non-action - this will reduce the already weak diligence and laziness will increase the already existing.

If you learn that there is no good and evil - it will cause damage to the already small worship and will inflate the already existing self-righteousness. If you learn that there is no birth and death, it will increase the already large number of errors. If you learn that there is no samsara or nirvana - drain it and without having little interest in the achievement of the fetus and strengthen the already strong attachment to worldly concerns.

All of this creates more confusion than good!

Tsogyal, that's how people will suffer a terrible time of the last century: the king's law to roll, as the setting sun, and the religious principles of the cleft subjects, like silk knot. The study and preaching the Dharma in the world will fade, melt away like snowflakes in the water, people who reflect and meditate will be less than the stars at dawn, and animals of all species izvedut at the root, and they persist only in old tales.

When will this age, your kind words will be perceived as a rebuke and censure. Advising others to practice the Dharma, you will hear in response: "It is practice!" Consulting believe in the law of karma, you will hear in response: "That's not true, it's cheating!"

At the time of the murder will be in the order of things, lying becomes a habit, dressing up, in order to strengthen their self-confidence, people will kill for the award and to enjoy the sexual perversions. Having as its main objective wealth, they will kill and eat living beings, giving it for religious ceremonies. These are coming times.

At the time, those who take advantage of my advice, and will benefit themselves and other elected people of future generations. Therefore, the genus Tsogyal Karchev, write all this for the people of the future and how ukroy treasure-TER
Vajra master and god-idam
Teachings, data noble Tsogyal

Oral instructions on the Secret Mantra


First of all Padmakara, the great teacher of Uddiyana, born from a lotus flower. He could see so much Sugata, there are stars in the sky, and was proficient in the tools of compassion. He went to Tibet, moved by compassion for this country, devoid of Dharma, shrouded in darkness, like a dense fog.

He practiced the sadhana of drag in a cave in cimpoi, and remained in meditation. At that time he was the king Trisong Detsen who faithfully served him. Served him and the princess of the family Karchev, noble Tsogyal, his former personal maid.

Enlightened and virtuous Tibetans have asked teachers to give teachings. Particularly insistent in those requests was a noble Tsogyal, who wanted to receive oral instructions on the practice and how to dispel doubts about the Dharma.

Great Teacher, when you walk into the gates of Secret Mantra teachings, the most important mentor and teacher. What should be the quality of teachers, which you follow?

Mentor and teacher is extremely important. Quality teachers are. He must have many oral instructions, he must have extensive knowledge and experience in the practice of meditation. He must have stable mind and the ability to change the minds of others. He has a great compassion to care for others. He must have great faith and devotion to Dharma. Follow such a teacher - like the wish-fulfilling jewel to find all your needs and desires will be fulfilled.

Can you find fulfillment, not having received initiation from his teacher?

Exhausting myself studying and the like, but not serving as a teacher and not getting initiations do not will find no fruit, and every effort will be wasted.

Dedication - is opening the gates of the Secret Mantra. Enter the Secret Mantra without talent teacher initiations is meaningless, because it will not bring any fruit, and your life will be destroyed by the flow.

How to deal with possessing oral instructions to the teacher whom we ask to exercise?

Know that the teacher is more important

Than hundreds of thousands of Buddhas kalpas,

For all the Buddhas of steel

Following the teachers.

Teacher - the Buddha, the teacher - the Dharma.

Teacher - and also the Sangha.

He - the embodiment of all Buddhas,

He - the nature of Vajradhara.

He - the root of the Three Jewels.

Who is more important: the teacher or the deity-idam?

Do not think teachers and yidam something different, because it shows you yidam teacher. If you think that the teacher and idam different in quality or importance, you are mistaken.

Why is the practice of deity yidam?

Do the practice yidam extremely important because through it you will achieve siddhi, your obstacles will be removed, you will gain strength, you will receive blessings and engender realization. Since all of these qualities come from the practice of yidam without yidam you will just a normal person.

How can I get closer to Sugata-idam?

Understand that you and idam not two different things, that there is no yidam separate from your own. You're approaching the idam if comprehend that your nature is a state of the Dharmakaya nevoznikayuschey.

What better yidam practice, peaceful or angry?

Since the means and knowledge lies in the fact that through yoga sadhana practice spontaneous presence of body, speech and mind, the innumerable Sugata, peaceful and wrathful, the central figures and their surroundings appear in line with those who need to tame, and just as it should be - in the form of peaceful and wrathful, the main figures and their environment. But since the state of the Dharmakaya they all taste the same, each person can practice any yidam, which inclines.

Would not it be a mistake at first to practice a yidam, and then the other?

Although based on skillful restraint beings, Sugata appear as different images of the family and, in reality they are inseparable. If the practice of all Buddhas, understanding their inseparability, merit will be the greatest. If we do this, assuming that all have different qualities idam who should or should accept, or reject, it will be immense defilements. It's no good to consider idam good or bad, accept or reject them. If you do not treat them, will be excellent, regardless of how much you practice.

If you have a higher view, you can do without yidam?

If you have reached self-right view, it is very idam. Do not think that idam - this is a solid image. By understanding the nature of the Dharmakaya, you realize yidam.

How should manifest itself in my body as a mandala of the deity?

Represent the body as a way of Mahamudra deity - hence represent the essence of his mind in the guise of a deity.

Since the essence of your mind is manifested in different ways, as the main figure and the environment, then, as if they occur, all the magic appearance of the enlightened mind of Buddhahood.

Wrathful deities trampling underfoot the noble creatures, such as Brahma, Indra and the patrons of the world. Would not it be a sin like meditation?

Such images - symbols, or instructions that need to loosen the attachment to self and others, to suppress the arrogance of the haughty beings. To take these images literally - an ignorant mistake.

Are the degrees of merit in the practice of wrathful deities with three heads and six arms, etc. practices of the deities with only one head and two hands?

If the wrathful deities are many heads and many hands, the three heads represent the three kai, and six hands - six pairs. The four legs represent the four immense, and the various attributes - the destruction of malevolent beings, as well as many other qualities. In fact, these images do not have any real nature.

If the deity has one head and two hands, the head symbolizes the continuing dharkamayu and hands - to achieve the good of living beings through the means and knowledge. They symbolize the two legs of space and wisdom, and manifest themselves staying for the benefit of sentient beings. No matter how you visualized deities dharmakaya is beyond any differences in the quality and quantity.

What you need to do to get the vision yidam?

Do not think yidam something physical, because idam - this is the Dharmakaya. Contemplate his image, reflected from dharmakaya, getting the color attributes, jewelry, apparel, major and minor symptoms, should be visible as the appearance, but not having one's own nature. It is like the moon reflected in water.

If you show affection to all this, then sobeshsya way and will enter into the clutches of Mara. Do not rejoice too that vision and do not let them myself mesmerized, because they are only manifestations of your mind.

If we receive a vision of a yidam, it is equivalent to what you see all Sugata?

If you get a vision of a yidam, this is equivalent to the vision of all the deities, because dharmakaya outside representations of quantity.

You will have the vision of any deity, the practice of which you are doing because your mind becomes obedient. As a deity - a manifestation of your mind, it does not exist anywhere else.

When they say that through the practice of deity someone reached vidyadhara, which means vidyadhara?

Contemplating samopoznayuschim mind your body as a "subtle bodily form" (Mahamudra), you will attain the divine essence of his perfect mind, endowed with the major and small signs and supernatural knowledge.

This body-Mahamudra belonging to the family that you practiced. It is called vidyadhara.

Where to stay vidyadhara?

It is your own mind is in the form of a deity, and he remains, not staying. But saying that, reaching vidyadhara, you will not be able to roll back.

Do I need to practice constantly yidam?

If you do the practice for the first time any yidam, adhering to the text of the sadhana, you will find even yidam vision and get it from teaching, to suspend this practice will dramatically decrease. It is therefore crucial to practice continuously.

If you represent a deity when you walk, sit or lie, the Siddhas and blessings descend upon you by themselves.

How to continually practice the approach and achievement yidam?

In carrying out the practice of yidam should perform every time the stage of nucleation. Each class recites the mantra, do the offerings torma tray, praise, and ask about the performance of their desires. Stage of completion, Seal practice in a vacuum.

It is best to perform up to eight classes a day, well run and four lessons. At the very least, runs one lesson a day. Less is not in any way. Thanks to perform its itself and will attain siddhi.

When one gains stability in its infancy and complete, without leaving his body, it mature into a deity. This is called the level vidyadhara maturation. While your body is the body outwardly ordinary person, your mind is maturing, it becomes a deity - like the image cast on the form.

Leaving the body in the bardo state, you become a deity, thus, removing the form of an image. This level is called the level vidyadhara Mahamudra. The body of a yogi called the sheath, and in that moment when the body is dropped, the yogi assumes the form of yidam.

Why some of the deities depicted with animal heads? Do not contemplate whether we thereby deity as having real existence?

Deity, manifested with animal heads, symbolizing a certain quality, which has an animal. The point is not to get to where you have real-existing deity in the flesh with animal heads - they are a manifestation of your own mind.

Just as a mixture of gold and silver alloy we call these beings have a body radiating divinity and the animal's head. They are emitted by the compassion and wisdom of the male deity of a female deity.

What's more important for daily practice: focus or recitation of mantras?

When it comes to achieving the highest siddhi of Mahamudra, then, if your mind is flexible, focus will also be flexible and because of this you really meet the image of the deity, if it recognizes that a god - your own mind, you will unfold in three kai.

When it comes to achieving the common siddhis of the countless acts of appeasement to increase, recruitment, conquest and the like, the more important mantra. Therefore, recites the mantra set number of times. Until the end of the retreat is very important not to interrupt the practice of ordinary conversation. What task you put before him nor should diligently read the mantra: be very hard.

If you reach state yidam, which is present naturally, whether it is some achievement?

: Idam seen as unimpeded activity of compassion of all the Sugata. Therefore, in the perception of Calms creatures they appear as peaceful and wrathful as the mandala and the scope of the buddhas, as male and female as the main figures from the suites and single figures. Palace of the deity, the main figure, series and so on are in Akanishthe and, therefore, differ from those that are in other realms of the gods. Visible kai apparent from nevoznikayuschey dharmakaya for the benefit of beings who perceive them in line with their inclinations.

As for the offerings to the god Torm, and the like, if the deity takes gifts and praise rejoice, it is no different from existing in the flesh, worldly god. If not, what are the benefits of such actions?

Deity of wisdom were not happy and not enjoying the praise offerings. Can you imagine and invite a deity, praise, make offerings and the like to clear your mind. When you do that, your devotion purifies the mind.

This is similar to the following example: if you make offerings to jewelry, fulfill wishes, she will fulfill all the needs and desires of living beings, although it will, with no intention benefit them.

Tsogyal Tibetans neglected deity dwelling in them, and look for the Buddha in Akanishthe. Not having even a fraction of concentration, they avoid a shaman spell.

Not knowing how to naturally cleanse your three poisons, they brought torma of flesh and blood. Without performing any practices to achieve higher siddhis, the miraculous power they crave, progeny and wealth. Perversely applying the Secret Mantra, they divulge her secrets. Trading verbal instructions as a commodity, they do magic and spells.

Many of them reborn as heretics, Rudra yakshami and Rakshasa.

Improve strength so views, practice with concentration in the behavior of stick four activities and attain the fruit - the higher the Siddhas Mahamudra.

The teacher replied:
Dzogchen - The Straight Path
Dzogchen is not a school of Tibetan Buddhism, although his lyrics are usually related to the tradition of Nyingmapa. Dzogchen - the direct experience of truth, not based on particular ritual or philosophical systems - distributed as through the various Buddhist schools, tact, and a boom. It is known that the Great V Dalai Lama was a great Dzogchen master. Currently, most associated with school kagyupa, but not more than convergence. Although Dzogchen is neither a religious nor a philosophical system, he has a powerful transmission line, retaining the purity of doctrine, which goes back to antiquity. Dzogchen (also known as the Ati-yoga) is to be understood as the fullness of awareness of the individual, as bezoporony Straight Path, where man is free from all attachments, including a sacred forms. Dzogchen is based on the path of self-liberation and to direct, obtained from our own experience, knowledge of the initial state.

Dzogchen follower does not need temples and sacred images for meditation. Strictly speaking, it is not necessary and meditation itself in familiar forms - at any time, any place a person reaches a state of concentration and serenity, to follow the external ritual forms only hinder him. For him, life and meditation - the same thing.

According to tradition, was taught Dzogchen master Garab Dorje in the middle of I millennium BC. On this doctrine say that it "goes beyond the karmic law of cause and effect". Over the centuries it passed in secret. In Tibet, Dzogchen came with Padmasambhava, who offered to send Trisong Detsenu Uddiyana Tibetan named Vairocana that he had received all the teachings of Dzogchen directly, and this was done. Teaching, transmitted by Padmasambhava, was written and hidden in the terma, just like most of his teachings. This part of the text section called Dzogchen secret instructions. Two other sections of Dzogchen - section of Nature and Mind section of the basic space, they were brought to Tibet Vairochana. In the turbulent early period of translation of Buddhist texts were translated into Tibetan and dzogchenskie, but more recently they were considered part of the teaching school Nyingmapa. Another tradition of Dzogchen transmission was through coupons.

In today's world Dzogchen known for selfless activity Namhaya Norbu Rinpoche, the reincarnation of a recognized Gabanga Gamgyala (1594-1651), founder of the state of Bhutan. Two uncles were great Namhaya Norbu Dzogchen masters, in the tradition bearers of the line of succession directly back to the Garab Dorje. Namkhai Norbu was born in 1938 near Derdzhe in eastern Tibet. He received an excellent education in Buddhist philosophy and other sciences, taught in China, and on his return to Tibet in 1956 met with Chzhangchub Dorje, a great master of Dzogchen terma and discoverer, a leading life simple country doctor. Namkhai Norbu stayed with teachers for several months and received a direct transfer of the state of knowledge of Dzogchen, which can not contain any words.

In 1958, Namkhai Norbu went to India to expand their knowledge and to visit sacred places. At this time there was the occupation of Tibet by Chinese troops, so that the teacher was forever cut off from their homeland. In 1960, the largest of the world by Giuseppe Tucci Buddhologist invited him to Italy to participate in the research of the Institute for the Study of the Far and Middle East to Rome. Thus began a scientific (in the European sense of the word) Teachers and teaching in Europe, which won him world fame.

Namkhai Norbu wrote several books on the origins of Tibetan culture and traditions of Bon, Tibetan astrology and medicine, as well as, of course, dzogchen. The teacher attended a lecture a lot of countries, including Russia, conducting workshops and performing the transfer of the Dzogchen teachings.

We offer our readers one of his works, in a strong reduction.

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