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The Revelation of the Genius Hazrat
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                                        About the Doctor:
Aybek Izzatov was born in Tashkent in 1971 in a family of doctors. 1995 graduated from Second Tashkent Medical Institute. Completed an internship at the Department of Surgery of the First Tashkent Medical Institute. Some years worked as a surgeon. Knowledge in medicine should be integrated - Dr. Izzatov decided, and began to expand his horizons in medicine: he graduated from the course of Urology in 1998 and in 1999 graduated from the course of Gastroenterology and mastered endoscopic methods in this area. Then decided to learn innovative methods of treatment: completed a course of Oriental Medicine, delved into the philosophy of Ayurveda and Homeopathy. In 2000, Dr. Aybek Izzatov approaches the great mystic of our time (Hazrat), where an unusual approach to the treatment and prevention of diseases made doctor to be deeply aware not only of a physical plane of medicine, but alsoof a psychological field in it .
In the practice of Doctor Izzatov unusual was the fact that some diseases such as diabetes mellitus, peptic ulcer disease, arthritis, eczema, depression, he artificially reproduced in themselves and some time later on completely got rid of these diseases under the strict guidance of his teacher. In 2006, Dr. Izzatov moved to the United States, where he engaged in professional Hypnosis and astrology.
One of the significant events in these days is the birth of book by Dr. Izzatov "The revelation of the genius." This is the greatest book about the unification of Religion, philosophy, science and mysticism into one doctrine.
On the advice of his Master Doctor has helped many terminally ill people to prolong their lives. But the most important Doctor gives people an opportunity to understand the meaning of human existence.

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