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The Revelation of the Genius Hazrat
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Jewelry, the desires
NAMO GURU Now I will explain "the wish-fulfilling treasure, full of jewels."

The method of initiation of roots
Your virtue, however much they may be,

All the merits that you have accumulated, build,

Or those who are rejoicing now

Great and unsurpassed enlightenment!

Rejoice in the determination to devote these good roots, which laid down for the good of the individual, as an unsurpassed Enlightenment. So that it was important that there were three conditions: the dedicated noble deed, the recipient, the idea of ​​consecration.

Practices of Secret Mantra is considered pure field of teacher merit - it is mentioned in the Sri Guhyasamaja.

At the beginning of each offering

Put all the other offerings

And start with an offering to his teacher,

Because, pleasing him, you will achieve realization,

Higher state of omniscience.

Sutra teaches that a pure field of merit - is the Sangha. In the "Sutra of the increase of virtue," says

As the treasure of all the teachings

And the discoverer of the gate,

Those who are called members of the Sangha

There is Sangha, which should all support.

Usually, the pure field of merit are the Three Jewels. Says:

No teachers, like Buddha,

No defender of this Dharma

No fields of this Sangha.

Therefore I make an offering to the Triple Gem!

In one sutra states: "The followers of the lower chariots believe that above all - the field. For example, sowing the seeds - the reason - for the excellent field and lovingly caring for them: fertilizing the soil, breaking up clumps, and so on, we obtain an abundant harvest - a consequence. And in the open field investigation merit increases many times. "

Followers of Mahayana believe that the more important lower receivers, and support the weak, the outcast and lonely. One text says:

Those who are in trouble and devoid of friends,

The sick and infirm,

Old and abandoned, the sense organs,

Needy, the hungry and poor -

All of these defenseless must maintain a bodhisattva.

This net recipients - the highest or lowest - we make an offering. The highest we send gifts, both tangible and imaginary.

We offer you the ocean of the external, internal and secret offerings:

Unbeatable clouds of Samantabhadra gifts,

Both tangible and imaginary,

Filling all the vast space of the net.

They say that the lower the recipients, making four-membered gift, you should bring items that are not contaminated by bad deeds (for example, amassed unfair). On this point, one of the sutra says:

Not stolen, not extracted robbery, not taken from the monk,

Not detrimental,

But what is valued and what joy,

And best of all - what need.

Create an intention to clear the field of net merit. Give rise to a belief in those above, and compassion to those who are below, and bodhicitta. Says:

Driven by faith and compassion,

With the thought of giving bodhi do for others.

Send them to a dedication of merit and good wishes

And the lack of comprehension of the seal of the three spheres.

It has been said:

With a pure attitude,

All clean objects

Tray or lend the very best.

If you devote an offering of high chariot

Lack of comprehension and seal the three spheres,

Such dedication - the main thing.

Thus, by combining the object offerings podnosimogo and intentions with good that you devote, created by the accumulation of merit. Why then should devote these good deeds?

To quote the Great Mother Prajnaparamita: "The bodhisattva path should dedicate all the virtues and good roots of full enlightenment."

Regarding the different types of teachers who give initiation Padmavadzhra said:

Those who understand the natural state of beliefs,

Those who have fully mastered the samadhi

Those who have compassion, bodhichitta

And all the attributes of mastery of knowledge -

Such sublime spiritual friends

Have the most outstanding teachers for dedication services.

Best of all, if there is such a teacher nearby, but if not, then it is said:

Prior to those who have the highest faith and intention,

Buddha himself will appear as if the flesh.


At the appropriate time:

New Moon, Full Moon and on the eighth day -

Dedicate good roots in the face of the Three Jewels.

It is also possible that the faithful devoted services to the altar of the Three Jewels.

Further, for whom is the dedication? Do not dedication for the good of the individual, but to benefit all living beings, headed by the "so-so."

For living simply call his name, to say the deceased died so and so. "

Devoting his services to the benefit of living beings, headed by a specific person, give him these instructions:

"Take the veneration of the body and mind, with folded hands and imagine that the sky is sitting in front of you is our main guru, Sugata, victorious, Shakyamuni Buddha, decorated with numerous large and small signs surrounded by all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas of the ten directions and all the gurus, idami, Dakini and the guardians of the Dharma. Bring your body and possessions, power and glory, and all their good roots, thinking: "To all creatures, led by such and such were able to reach higher, the true and full enlightenment, I dedicate all good roots, originating from merit and wisdom collected by me and other times of the beginningless samsara "respectful tone repeated the words of consecration."

The teacher must personally without departing from the words and their meaning, focus on the intention to do so:

Buddha and Bodhisattva, abiding in the ten directions, please pay attention to such a man! All gurus and deity of the mandala yidam, please pay attention!

Good roots, laid down since time without beginning of existence of Samsara and place of giving, morality, meditation, etc. that a person named as something created, inspired others to create or enjoy their creation, as well as good roots, stemming from recognition and wisdoms, created by the mind, speech and body in this life or in the future, I, like all noble and committed force of truth, fully dedicate as a reason for the acquisition of the higher, true and complete enlightenment for the benefit of such and such, as well as all other creatures!

If the one who makes the initiation, has a higher realization than you, or if it is - a great teacher, ask him to confirm all these words and change the end of the dedication for the benefit of all sentient beings:

May all beings in the head with such a state will gain valuable higher, the true and full enlightenment!

After repeating this three times and say:

May all beings until they reach the target path, for all the lives and rebirths acquire the level of gods and men in the higher worlds, without being subject to any other reborn!

May they all high-quality regeneration, including the most precious dignity!

Yes, they meet a spiritual mentor who holds the exalted lineage of teachers, and will be adopted in its environment!

Having mastered the three ways ublagotvoreniya, let them be to enjoy the richness unmatched by Chariot Supreme exercise study, reflection and meditation!

Thanks to possess a perfect habitat for satellites, and favorable conditions, but it svershat wheel turn a deep and clear and the sublime Dharma unsurpassed Chariot!

Thanks to the immense acts of compassion, full of boundless love and compassion, but they will carry out easily and spontaneously to the benefit of all sentient beings, instructing each to a path in accordance with its features!

They shall be kept by the implementation of their wonderful deeds during the journey to a comprehensive ocean of endless worlds of Buddhas, including Mandala Guru and Dakini idam!

Yes, they will in the retinue of these meetings! Yes, they follow in their footsteps!

They shall be equal to the Buddhas in the understanding, compassion, acts and deeds!

Yes disappear towards all of this and all acts harmful interference: the difficulties, obstacles, and distraction, laziness, bad things and mistakes!

May they committed and the circumstances of an abundance of wealth and happiness qualities: longevity, good health, good looks, deep faith, keen intellect, great compassion, an invincible power, abundant wealth, the joy of giving, vows clean-sama, perfect morality, and so on!

If all you do for a living person, and say any appropriate good wishes, and the following words:

Let them be in this life have longevity, good health, abundant wealth and high position!

Let them be pacified their disease and harmful effects, transgressions and defilements, breach of vows, errors and failures, their internal and external interference, and all the evil and hostile forces!

May they abide in the Dharma mind, speech and body, enjoying the perfect words of the victorious.

Yes, they will see the fulfillment of all their desires, as if possessed the wish-fulfilling jewel - the king of all gems!

Yes, they will not suffer at death's door from the fact that interrupted their vitality, but will disappear dual state and bottoms so they will remember with joy and delight of his guru and the Three Jewels!

They shall be fully protected by the wisdom of all the noble, endowed with great compassion - the higher the objects of refuge!

Yes, they do not experience the fear and horror, and yes Bardo will close all the gates of the lower realms of existence!

And best of all - yes they are made as soon as possible the precious state of unsurpassed, true and complete enlightenment!

Force of the blessing of three kaya achieved by the Buddha,

Force of the blessing of same truth dharmata,

Force unwavering intention of blessing the Sangha

And the power of the blessing of the guru, and yidam dakini

Yes, all come to pass, that I dedicate!

Yes, all my wishes come true!

After saying this, finally put a seal of purity free from a three-term concepts.

Complete the practice of dedicating precious and pure good wishes - unlimited benefit. If the accumulation of merit and wisdom collected, but not sealed with precious dedication, this error is called the "four causes exhaustion":

Once established good root

Neglect dedication to make an incorrect initiation

To boast of them in front of others, or regret -

These are four reasons for the exhaustion.

It is therefore important to dedicate the merits as follows. Imagine that from the heart center of Buddha come shining rays of light and touch the body, speech and mind of those creatures, which is initiated, complete clearing of their evil deeds, delusions, mistakes and shortcomings. They are illuminated tigle that dissolve in the heart of the Buddha. Buddha and his entourage disappeared into the invisible space of the original measure, like a melting rainbow in the sky. Due to the lack of representation of the three areas, such sealing is true and supreme dedication. Arya Maitreya said:

The exclusive, committed dedication

The most sublime with all -

This relationship without a commitment to the concepts

Having quality of freedom from ignorance.

He also said:

In addition, the unsurpassed dedication to the highest

Is fully understood,

That there is no true nature

Neither the established merit, nor in its fruit,

None that are committed or the act of consecration.

Therefore, buried all the virtues that are created with a specific purpose, as an inexhaustible treasure and finish his work, sealing it with a dedication to the Mahayana. Then, feeling the joy and heartfelt gratitude, expressed his reverence.

Such instruction.


Usually, wanting to make the dedication, have three main objectives: empowerment, fully protecting the commendable gift of the donor, after the initiation of Secret Mantra practice, or after turning the wheel of Dharma, the dedication that improve the accumulation of merit in measuring the primordial wakefulness.

The first takes place immediately after the donor makes a donation, or immediately after application. Repeat the following words or any other proper good wishes three times:

All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas who reside in the ten directions, remember that the vendor of the gift! Teachers and Sangha of monks clean, I beg you to remember it!

Let there be any merit created by this contributor to three times

Example of which is this good root

Dedicated to increasing infinitely inexhaustible fruit!

So be quick is acquired supreme Enlightenment!

The second conclusion to make any external or internal study of the Dharma, sermons and meditations, as well as any of the ten spiritual lessons. This dedication to doing so:

Buddhas and bodhisattvas of the ten directions, all the gurus, idam, Dakini mandala and the deities along with the guardians and protectors, remember me!

In the great mandala of Samantabhadra unlimited

May all good roots,

Created in three times a guru -

Vazhdry holder and others,

As well as all the vajra brothers and sisters -

What is this we turn the wheel of Dharma -

Dedicated to achieving a perfect state of Buddhahood!

Yes, all will gain and state throughout Samatabhadry!

Make a dedication and abide in the true state of the absolute top.

Third, make the completion of all that you want to spend, and every time you devote to, or in the completion of any activity. Make this commitment in a state of "great seal":

The victorious and you, ye sons of the Buddhas of the ten directions, remember me!

Let there be any merit created by the mind, speech and body,

By me or any other living creature

In the three times, past, present and future

Dedicated to the great dimension of Enlightenment!

Let it be made the supreme fruit of unsurpassed natural!

At the beginning of each initiation imagine ourselves as witnesses to the Three Jewels. Imagine that they take you with words of welcome and good wishes. Then utter the words of consecration, not causing yourself ideas that is dedicated to and about the objects of initiation of the action itself, and on who performs it. Finally, stay in a state beyond words, thoughts and descriptions, in which all dharmas of samsara and nirvana was not initially occur in the middle does not reside, but in the end did not stop.


This ingenious method of bringing good reasons to fully ripen, I Tsogyal, recorded in the form of notes and hid a secret treasure-terma. Yes, they will find good people that are intended for the karma!

Print hiding.

Print entrusted.

Print treasures.



This terma was found in the Great Cave of Puri me, Sangye Dorje (Sangye Lingpa), an itinerant disciple of Sakyamuni.

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