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The Revelation of the Genius Hazrat
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Forum » Test category » Test forum » SAGE AND THE MEANING OF LIFE. AYBEK IZZATOV
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One day when the sun was almost at its zenith, the famous Diogenes got out of the all known barrel. Without hesitation he went straight to the big city market. Here, the hungry Diogenes is in the center of a huge market. As always, without the slightest hesitation, the sage is free to chose and pick up fruits, olives and almonds. Local traders knew antics of Diogenes and turn a blind eye, but this time his hand reached out to apples of a brand new trader in the market. Merchant, seeing unfavorable, began to shout: they steal! Stop thief! Bustling market suddenly fell silent in anticipation. Diogenes went to the dealer and asked: where did you see the thief? Merchant little taken aback, but answered: you - thief. Diogenes laughed and said I am not a thief, I am a sage and taking what belongs to me. The dealer does not understand what Diogenes said, but still did not concede and solemnly said, this is my apples and I paid for this place. Diogenes, without losing the smile on his face, took the dealer's hand and led him to the higher place and pointed at Olympus, he said, see what it says. Merchant read the inscription on a stone slab: The sages are a friends of the gods. After thinking a bit, the trader said, so what is it? Diogenes turned to the audience and said: Everything belongs to the gods, sages are gods' friends, between friends everything is shared! All were silent, but suddenly, somewhere in the crowd, some upstart called out: You are not sage, you are a thief and deadbeat! If you are wise, tell us what is the meaning of life? Diogenes turned to the direction of an upstart, waved, calling out for attention, and slowly walked to the bench, where olive oil was sold. He took a jar of oil and dropped on his palm few drops. With a smile on his face, he began to rub the oil in his hands. All market closely watched every movement of Diogenes. Suddenly and unceremoniously, he began to smugly indulge himself , massaging the pleasure part of his body. He successfully completed his ritual, and said that's the meaning of life ... The whole crowd exploded with laughter, people shouted, whistled, swearing. And only one man in the crowd began to softly cry. It was a great philosopher, you know him, his name is Pluto.
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Forum » Test category » Test forum » SAGE AND THE MEANING OF LIFE. AYBEK IZZATOV
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