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The Revelation of the Genius Hazrat
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Forum » Test category » Test forum » THE MEANING OF LIFE, MIND, Einstein. AYBEK Izzatov
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Before proceeding to the main part of the post, I would like to answer the question: why do we need wisdom and self-awareness? The Conqueror-Time is manifested on the screen of consciousness as the creation, maintenance and destruction. Each piece of time, no matter what it may be, whether it millisecond or billions of years, has a beginning or creation, then the maintaining or reflection and destruction or the end. The basis of creation - an action, base of maintaining - knowledge, base of destruction - lack of knowledge. This is the natural state of consciousness trapped in time. When the proper knowledge disappears, the time of destruction will come, so the wisdom and self-awareness - the principles that should always come first in any era.

The meaning of life. Albert Einstein once gave a great definition of education, he said: If you take and erase everything that man has acquired during his studies, the remaining will be education. He meant that people form their own methods of understanding, remembering and reasoning. Yes, but where is the meaning of life here? The meaning of life: If you take and erase everything that man has acquired in his life, his memory, the knowledge, affection, disgust, and then the rest will be the meaning of life ... Consider the main components of the mind and its functions. A correct understanding - is the acquisition of right knowledge through perfect perception or inference arising from reliable sources. Misunderstanding - is the acquisition of knowledge through an imperfect perception and inferences arising from questionable assumptions, or delusion, which is based on distorted impressions. Memory - is the return of the mind in its' past experiences. The sages said: There are five powers of the mind. The first power of the mind - is on the tips of the receptors is manifested in the form of fantasy. The second force - is in the frontal lobe of the brain, manifested in the form of expansion of the body to the surrounding objects, designing and operating safety. The third force, the force of imagination - is in the middle part of the brain, but it spreads throughout the cerebral cortex, manifested in the form of imagination. The fourth force - is in the inner space of the brain, ventricles of it, mostly in their front, protruding in the frontal lobe, manifested in the form of memory. The fifth power - is at the edges of the ventricles of the brain, manifested in the form of thought and reasoning ... Modern medicine has almost the same opinion. From all this we see that the mind is limited by the nature of perception and the brain. The speed of nerve impulses in three million times smaller than the velocity of the electrons in an electric wire, a physiological limit of the visibility of the flicker frequency is at 48 Hz, the hearing is limited in the range of 20 - 20,000 Hz. Here's how tough limits to the mind are set. And when the body dies then even this limited mind and its attributes will disappear, we will get into the world of darkness and fear ... But there is hope: The soul has also another force necessary for the improvement of its substance by reasoning. This is an actual reason or intuition. It is like a diamond, exalted and out of it comes a sacred force, subtle fluids of which ignite and shine without contact with the fire. Its light is vital at the time of the disappearance of the mind ...
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Forum » Test category » Test forum » THE MEANING OF LIFE, MIND, Einstein. AYBEK Izzatov
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